Nitto Single-Sided Tape Products

ProductApplicationCarrierColourThickness(mm)Features/Heat resistance
Nitto 737Core starting and reel closingin paper mills and printing plantsSiliconised bleached paperGreen0.100mmNitto single sided coated tape can be re-pulped without contamination
Nitto 733TUsed for butt splicing and overlap splicingBleached Kraft paperGreen0.070mmNitto repulpable single sided tape with acrylic adhesive coated on a non-siliconised liner
Nitto 733TOWUsed for butt splicing and overlap splicingBleached Kraft paperGreen0.070mm733TOW has the same costruction as the 733T, but is winded with the release liner on the inside of the roll
Nitto 595BAutomatic flying splice in the printing industryTransferTransparent0.050mmThe high heat resistance allows excellent splice efficiency for heat set printers.

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