3M Double-Sided Non Repulable Tape

From the many choices of 3M™ Non-Repulpable Splicing Tapes, you can readily meet web splicing requirements for coated and uncoated paper, newsprint, kraft, films and foils.

For reliability, choose from a variety of adhesives with tack levels and shear/peel strengths engineered for zero speed or flying splices. You can also select tape that stays flexible at -60°F (-51°C) or has resistance to drying temperatures up to 425°F (218°C).

3M™ Double Coated Tapes: Adhesive is on both sides of a carrier that increases dimensional stability of the adhesive for easy handling in flying and zero speed splices. Tissue, polypropylene and polyester carriers are available.

ProductCarrierColourThickness(mm)Features/Heat resistance
3M 9740PolyesterClear3.5High peel, tack and shear properties. Heat resistance of 218°C
3M 415PolyesterClear4High tack adhesion to paper and many other surfaces
3M 9420PolyesterRed4High tack adhesion to paper and film where visibility for removal of spliced area is required
3M 469TissueLight Red5.5High tack. Heat resistance of 177°C
3M 9086Non-woven TissueClear7.5Easy tearing, easy handling. Thick high tack adhesive
3M 9088PolyesterClear8.3High tack and shear strength. Heat resistance of 150°C
3M 9576PolypropyleneClear4Medium tack for general splicing and roll closing
3M 9737PolyesterClear3.5Aggressive and versatile tape for many surfaces
3M 9738Non-woven TissueClear4.3Aggressive and versatile tape for many surfaces
3M 9741PolyesterClear6.5Super aggressive for low surface energy substrates

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