Orafix Double-Sided Non Repulable Tape

ProductApplicationCarrierColourThickness(Mu)Features/Heat resistance
Orabond 1346Splicing of paper, carboard and filmTissue paperTranslucent110Hand tearable. Heat resistance of +100°C
Orabond 1459Splicing of PE coated paper, film and clothTissue paperTranslucent140Hand Tearable. Heat resistance of +70°C
Orabond 1301Splicing of paper with optical detectionTissue paperRed90Hand tearable with optical splice detection. +140°C
Orabond 1396TMSplicing at high temperatureTissue paperTranslucent130Hand tearable. Heat resistance of +140°C
Orabond 1397PPSplicing tape wiht extreme shear resistancePET filmTranslucent210Extreme shear resistance, tear resistance PP liner. Heat resistance of +160°C
Orabond 1259Core starting Reel ClosingSplittable PaperWhite220Low Opening Force. Up to 200 °C
Orabond 1396LTSplicing at High TemeraturesTissue PaperTranslucent90Hand Tearable +140 °C
Orabond 1142Splicing of paper,cardboard and film.Rayon,12.7 g/mTransparent310Heat resistance up to 80°C
Orabond 1331Polyester tape with a differentadhesive ssides for clean removebiltyPolyester film. 12 micronTransparent100Heat resistance up to 120°C

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